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Date Night

Roses are red, Violets are blue. Ham Roses and a Cheddar Heart, will make her love you.

"She loves me, She loves me not."

Make that a "She loves me" today with this romantic yet delicious gift of love. An artisanally prepped gift will melt that icy heart. If it doesn't, the second line of defence is a drizzle of honey from the heart dropper. We heard from our in-house psychic that it stops her from dropping YOUR heart.

Complete your date night with a Bubbly Add-on, or a dessert platter to make it a full course experience.

(The Bubbly will be a 750ml Bottle)

All products come in the packaging true to the pictures, so rest assured that your charcuterie date experience remains authentic.

Show your love today with this wonder of a gift.

Alternatively, show your love every special occasion with our "ily, bb" subscription package.

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